Artificial intelligence serving your business

Get extra opportunities from your data flow.

Our focus

Sentiment analysis

Understanding text emotion. It helps clustering user feedback and is very useful in support services.

Topic modelling

Extracting themes from articles, news, chat logs. It can be further used to auto tagging, recommendations, intellectual search.


There is new era of user experience such as bots. You can create bots that understand human language and can perform right operation or respond. Therefore, you can greatly optimize support services of your company.

Machine learning

We are open to any machine learning technology. If you have data and you need to analyze it, we can handle it. Please, contact us.

Advisor board

David Yang

Ph.D. in AI, started 9 companies, including Findo, ABBYY, iiko, Plazius, and 4 more companies.

Don Wisniewski

CEO & President at Cyberhull.
Started Cybiko Inc. with David Yang - a handheld device manufacturer.

Core team

Andrey Zakharov ML engineer, CEO.
Master degree in Applied Mathematics, experienced mobile developer, started DeepPoint.

Anton Pomelnikov ML engineer, CTO.
Has 2 Master degrees in Applied Mathematics and 7 years experience in IT consulting for major Russian companies.

Ilya Tkachev ML engineer, Head of RD.
Master degree in Financial Mathematics and PhD in Applied Mathematics. 6 years of quantitative and ml experience.

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